July 28 2012, 10pm

Crossing of Paths [Closed RP]

Night was coming. Perhaps it was time to give up.

Madoka had been hunting this witch for hours now. It was elusive, hiding itself away only to resurface at random times. It would appear at the lake, stay stationary for a while, then move somewhere else as fast as— as— Well, Madoka couldn’t begin to describe it, for she’d never experienced something like this in her entire life! It was as though the witch — or was it a familiar? She couldn’t be sure — was moving at light speed!! Its patterns were erratic, too, as if it couldn’t decide where to form a barrier and be done with it. Well, that or as if it were sightseeing. And what a strange signal she was picking up from it! Nothing like she’d ever felt before!

Keeping her nose to the grindstone, the Puella Magi diligently followed the witch wherever it might go in hopes it would form a barrier soon. As scary as the ordeal of facing off against it seemed, Madoka had to admit she was curious as to what it would look like. Perhaps she ought to have invited Homura on this witch hunt with her… The girl did know how to stop time, and the witch in question seemed to be the fastest thing alive… Well, if witches could be considered alive, anyways.

Just as the Magi decided that she would leave this witch to another girl in town, for an instant her Soul Gem went haywire and she spotted it. A flash of blue, white, tan, maybe some red? As it passed, wind whipped up around her in a frenzy, causing her to shield her eyes. It didn’t matter, though. She saw where it was headed and a bit of what it looked like. This was enough for her.

"Hey!" she called after the witch, hoping it might react. When it didn’t — at least, not that she could see — Madoka took up chase, hoping to eventually push it into a corner. 

As the girl attempted to keep up (an impossible task, considering its speed) she noticed certain… distortions in her surroundings. This was it! The witch was finally setting up a barrier! Before she knew it, Madoka was surrounded by what could only be described as a thief’s paradise — gold and jewels everywhere in all sorts of shapes and colours! The girl was distracted momentarily by her surroundings, dazzled by the maze of colour and shine. 

Woosh! More wind. The witch had passed… and stopped not too far away! Madoka transformed, summoning her bow. If she could just keep quiet, she might be able to sneak up on it… She nocked an arrow as she moved, stalking her prey.

When she saw it fighting off what could only be described as sentient coins capable of shooting lasers, Madoka realized that this, whatever it was, was not a witch. A witch would be encouraging its familiars to attack her; it would surely have sensed her presence if she was standing right behind it!

To help the oddity out she nocked more arrows, charging them for greater power. Upon release, she couldn’t help but let out a small giggle as several arrows flew right over its head, missing by inches. When it turned to face her, Madoka quieted her laughter. She did her best to manage a friendly, non-threatening smile as she took in what could only be considered… some sort of blue hedgehog?

"Hello! I’m… guessing you’re not one of these guys, huh?"

July 28 2012, 9pm







Madoka shook her head, giving the older girl a worried look. She finished off the cake as she pondered how to best question Mami. After some thought, the pink Puella Magi decided to just ask her outright. If Mami wanted to talk, she would. If not, well… Madoka would just have to accept that, and make sure that her senior knew she would always be there if she needed it.

“Well, now that you’ve mentioned Walpurgis I guess I’m a little worried about that… Like, being strong enough to handle it, you know? But that’s not really it.” Madoka paused, taking a deep breath. Here it goes… ”Mami-san, is something wrong? You seem really tense and worried about something. If you want to talk about it, I’m here to listen, okay? I won’t judge you on it or anything like that…”

‘So she had not forgotten… I knew it’d get to this point….eventually. Just not so soon.’
“So Kaname-san. You really wish to know what’s on my mind?” Mami hung her head in defeat. “Very well then….”

Turning away from Madoka, every so softly weeping, The gunman whispered three words.
“I’m so alone…”
Tears began to fall from Mami’s face as her head smacked the table in front of her, nearly scattering the rest of the cake, as well as causing small amounts of tea to splash out of both the girls cups.
”..I’m sorry you had to see me like this Madoka…I’m not the heroine you see me to be… Just a frail little girl…” 

Madoka jumped at the sound of Mami’s head hitting the table. Her first thought on instinct was to clean up the spilled tea and cake, but she hesitated, scolding herself for thinking of the mess while her friend was upset. They would clean it up later, after Mami calmed down. She got up from her spot, moving to sit next to the blonde. Another moment’s hesitation. Should she touch her, or…? 

“I’m so alone…”, Mami had whispered. That was reason enough for Madoka. Gently she eased Mami up from the table, pulling her into a soft hug. She allowed the older girl to cry into her shoulder for as long as she needed. When Mami calmed a bit, the pinkette spoke.

“Mami-san, you don’t have to be ashamed of being lonely… It’s normal to feel like that. In fact, I’m sorry. I knew you lived alone, and you told me what happened to your parents… All the same, I took you for granted. I should have paid more attention to how you might really be feeling. I’m so, so sorry…” There was a pause as Madoka took a deep breath. “…I-I know it probably doesn’t mean much coming from someone like me, but as long as we’re friends, you won’t be alone.”

Mami had taken notice to Madoka’s movements, but did nothing. Simply letting her body go limp in Madoka’s arms. The height difference between the two meant that Mami’s head naturally came to rest on Madoka’s shoulder.
Feeling someone’s warmth for more than a couple seconds made Mami calm down enough to choke out more words.

“M-M-Madoka….I’m such a….w-why do you even..l-look up to me? Y-you…shouldn’t….t-the…lack…of..witches…I haven’t seen…a-a-any puella… for quite some…some time..”

Mami seemed to be calming down a bit more, despite the tears still streaming down her face. Lifting her head up, she spoke once more… “Madok-ka….I’m like this…every night..ho-how..” The blonde seized up before yelling. “HOW CAN YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE LIKE THIS?” Carefully placing her head back on Madoka’s shoulder before sobbing uncontrollably.

“…h-how…how m-mado…ka…”

Madoka flinched at the yell, but otherwise didn’t move. Mami had been holding in her true feelings and insecurities for an extremely long time; letting them out was the only way she would be able to work through them. She let the other girl cry for as long as she needed, stroking her hair. As she did this, she planned what she wanted to say. Madoka feared what might happen if her words did not reach her senior.

When Mami had calmed once again, Madoka spoke. “Why do I want to be friends with Mami Tomoe? Well, let’s see… A Puella Magi’s life is hard. In exchange for one wish, we’re forced to fight witches until we die. It’s a hard, scary and lonely duty that we’ve taken on and I’m sure many little girls cry at night because of it. It’s okay to be scared, and afraid… And it’s okay to be lonely. It’s normal!  But Mami-san, despite that… You manage to get up and face the day despite being afraid and lonely. You protect our city with a kind smile and a wink, asking for nothing in return… Despite everything that’s happened, despite how hard it is and how lonely you get, you stand strong; a beacon of hope in Mitakihara. Not everyone can do that. That’s why I look you to you, Mami-san. That’s why I want to be your friend. You’re such a strong person for shouldering everything you do, Mami-san…”

Madoka stopped, worrying her speech was too much. She blushed lightly, apologizing for rambling again. She just really wanted to make sure Mami knew how much she cared about her, despite her fragile interior.

Madoka’s words seemed to have a profound effect on the blonde. Just the right combination of thoughts to snap Mami out of her fit, well at least a little bit. She lay there in Madoka’s arms, not sobbing anymore, but rather sniffling and shaking a little. Through one of the sniffle-fits one could make out a “thank you” coming from Mami’s mouth.

Looking into Madoka’s eyes for a second before shifting her gaze downward, she muttered: “T-thanks…Madoka…I’m sorry you had to see me like this…I’m such a me-mess now…” Mami removed a hand from her embrace with Madoka to dry her eyes, an fix the little bit of ruffle her hair had accumulated before returning it to the pink haired girls waist, meeting her other hand and interlacing. “Did you really mean that…? How can I be considered strong when I cry like this every night…?” A moments silenced ensued before Mami softly added “How do you deal with being alone Madoka…?

"Of course I mean it! Being in touch with your emotions is a good thing… even if they’re bad ones. If you were to block them out, refuse to feel… That really, really wouldn’t be healthy." Madoka gave her friend a reassuring smile as she thought this new question over. Normally she’d talk to her mama or papa about the issue, but Mami didn’t have that option and she didn’t want to make her friend feel bad. Still… Talking to someone…

"How do I deal with being alone…? Well, talking to someone and telling them how I feel always helps! Nothing can change if you don’t put yourself out there and show the world you need them… That’s really all I do. I’m sorry. It’s bad advice, isn’t it? I’m not very good at this…"

July 28 2012, 9pm

"Come at 7pm! Homura-chan will really appreciate this!"

"Oh no, it’s 9 now…! A-am I too late? I’m sorry! I was busy with papa today…! Please, please tell Homura-chan that I’m really, really, really sorry!"

(No really, I am. I was legitimately out all day and only saw this now.) 

July 27 2012, 11pm

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July 27 2012, 11pm





kanamemandoka replied to your post: “Madoka-chan! How’re you?”

“A little bored myself, actually. There have been no witches around so it’s been quiet.”

“Yeah… it’s a little worrying, isn’t it? Mami-san thinks it’s because Walpurgisnacht is coming… Apparently it’s supposed to be really strong, so maybe the lack of witches is because they wanna stay outta its way?”

“That might be it.” He said, crossing his arms in thought, “It probably can command the other witches because of it’s considerable power. This is going to be pretty bad. I hope we can do something.”

“Do you think it might be able to control other witches? …I kinda feel sorry for ‘em, if that’s true. Even if they are monsters… In any case, we’ll just have to make sure to stay in as best shape as possible until then — and make sure everyone else does, too!” She sighs, stretching. “What to do in the meantime, though…”

“Maybe we can train? maybe Kyubey can give us a hint on a possible way to defeat it? Everything has some sort of weakness. I doubt it’s impervious.” He said, not yet knowing of the horror that is Walpurgisnacht.

Madoka nodded thoughtfully in agreement. “Only thing about training is we have to be real careful with how much magic we use… Since there are no witches around, we’ll have to be really careful with our grief seeds. Maybe we can try and form some sort of team with other Magi? More of us against Walpurgis should make for an easier fight…”